Sacred Fourth Of July Ceremony


Guests Were Cordially Invited To Share In A Sacred Ceremony July 4th 2013 @ The Light House @10:30 Am…1019 Melalueca Mill Valley, CA 94941…415-381-2357

We Intend To Align Our Energies With The Rainbow family Of Light Who Are Gathered In Montana .At Noon MST… The Rainbow Family Of Light Circle Up And Do A 30 Minute OM Meditation Of Peace..This Powerful Gathering Affords Us The Opportunity To Join Our Collective Heart Mind Souls And Spirits In Amplifying This Powerful Ceremony Here @ The Light House In Mill Valley and Also Wherever You Are..Together Through The Power of Synergy We Have An Unprecedented Opportunity To Create A Sonic Peace,  Love & Freedom  Wave Which Will Be Dramatically Amplified By The Great Ascended Hosts And Will Reverberate Throughout The Heartflame Of All Of Humanity And For That Matter Throughout The Omniverse..

To Further Understand The Power We Have When We Align Our Intent With The Primal Will To Good, Each Other And The Great Ascended Masters Realms Of Light And In Particular This Day With Our Beloved St. Germaine The Keeper Of The Violet Flame And Cosmic Avatar Of The Forth Coming 7th Golden Age Of Humanity….ARTAINMENT: EARTH ASCENDING ***  I Suggest You Read The Enclosed Articles Archangel Zadkiel : Seeing Through The Eyes Of Expanded Consciousness.. . ….AscendedAndFree.Org



Chants to the Beloved “I AM”:
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In Closing, I Am Personally Inviting You To Share This My Birthday, The 4th Of July And The Birthday Of The USA At The Light House..I Can Assure You That With Your Participation It Will Be A Most Memorable And Remarkable Day AS We Collectively Serve To Further The Process Of Peace Love And Freedom…,

Love And BLessings,

Da Vid Raphael MD
Founder The Light Party